Weekend Décor Makeover: Kitchen

Weekend Décor Makeover: Kitchen

Use this weekend to easily update your kitchen decor in 5 simple steps.

By: Camille Simmons

Sometimes we walk into our kitchen and want to gut the entire thing. But the reality is that a full kitchen remodel is costly and time consuming. So before you commit to a remodel, try a little makeover first. All you need is a free weekend and a trip to your favorite home improvement store.

Before You Begin
After giving your kitchen a good scrub and getting rid of any clutter, think about the specific areas you want to change. Are the cabinets a terrible color? Does the space feel dark? Are the walls lacking personality? All of these can be solved quite easily and affordably.

Step 1: Paint, paint, paint!
A fresh coat of paint is your kitchen’s best friend. You can paint dull walls a bright shade to make the kitchen feel airy and open. Take time to study color palettes that catch your eye. See what colors you already use in your home or love to wear. These colors should inspire your paint choice.

Pick up a couple samples and test the paint colors on the wall to see how they will actually appear. Don’t feel like painting all the walls? Just pick an accent wall to update, or try faux molding or painting the ceiling.

Step 2: Add a Little Artwork
Another easy way to change the feel of a room? Hang new décor. Whether it’s just changing the frame on an old favorite or bringing in new pieces, a fresh look goes a long way.

  • Paint frames a complementary color to the walls for a beautiful color theme.
  • Collect art pieces or framed photos from around the house that aren’t being used and create a gallery wall.
  • Arrange a frame in a little nook on the counter, on top of cabinets or above the sink.

Step 3: Customize Cabinets
Instead of buying all new cabinets or replacing cabinet doors, try one of these easy improvements:

  • Remove the doors on your top cabinets to expose all the beautiful dishes, glassware and cooking supplies. This is a great alternative to installing glass doors. Organize the contents to display your favorites in the front and coordinate by color and shape.
  • If you’re happy with the style of your current cabinets, just paint! Change dark wood to bright white, yellow, blue or whatever color you love. A new coat of paint will feel like new cabinets.
  • If you have glass cabinets or have removed the door, why not decorate the inside? Use a contrasting paint color or add a patterned wallpaper for the shelves and backing.

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Step 4: Handy Hardware
After adding a new coat of paint to your cabinets, update the hardware to match the makeover. Even if you’re happy with your cabinets or drawers, changing the knobs and handles is a wonderful update!

  • Geometric or chrome hardware with clean lines will make a space feel modern.
  • Funky colors and odd shapes will feel eclectic and bohemian.
  • Pastel or jewel-like shapes will feel vintage.

Pick what you love and your personality will shine!

Step 5: Add Easy Accents

  • In addition to updating knobs, install new switch plates or outlet covers. You can paint existing covers or find new options at décor stores.
  • Hang new curtains over the kitchen sink or remove them altogether to update your kitchen further.
  • Switch out the upholstery on your kitchen island bar stools or breakfast nook chairs.
  • Add a flower box to the window and grow bright buds or fresh herbs, creating a bit of natural beauty.
  • Buy a new toaster or set of mixing bowls to sit on the counter that match your new décor.
  • Accessorize with new dish towels.

Updating your kitchen doesn’t need to cost a fortune or require a whole team of workers. Try any or all of these manageable updates this weekend for a makeover that will wow your family, your guests and you!

Camille is a Bay Area-based planning and decorating expert. She is the creator of Planning Pretty, a lifestyle site dedicated to sharing easy, affordable and pretty ideas for everyday living.

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