Relaxing Colors & Fragrances For Your Home

Use these tips (and your senses) to create a home that’s naturally calming.

When creating a calming environment, you might first think of simply finding a room in your home that’s free of distractions. We rarely think about home decorating affecting how we actually feel on a day-to-day basis, but it can make a difference.

Get inspired by these tips to help you pick the right color and the perfect, relaxing fragrance.

Choose Cool, Soothing Colors

We choose colors for our bedrooms based on our personal preferences. Although you could choose any neutral shade (beiges, tans, soft browns or grays), cooler colors, such as greens and blues, work best because they have a soothing effect on the senses. For rooms in which you want to feel calm and at the same time alert (i.e., a home office), consider darker shades, including deep burgundy, a color recognized for its ability to create a studious environment.

Sniff Out the Right Scent

Experts believe one of the single most popular essential oils is lavender. It is believed to be good for calming the nervous system, relaxing the body, and enabling better sleeping patterns. Although there are many essential oils you can wear and wash your clothes with to help you relax and make it easier to sleep, the top five aromatherapy scents are lavender, chamomile, bergamot, sandalwood and mandarin.

When shopping for a home fragrance, sniff out those that include relaxing ingredients, such as lime (to relieve anxiety), pine (to stimulate deep breathing), cedar (to uplift), vanilla (to lighten your mood) or orange (to reduce tension).


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