Fall Centerpiece Ideas

Welcome autumn into your home with these seasonal centerpiece ideas.

So much inspiration can be found in the fall for entertaining and decorating, so bring the colors and coziness straight to your table with a new centerpiece.

Use Fall Flowers
The best place to start for any occasion is a floral centerpiece. The trick to having a beautiful fall bouquet is choosing flowers that are in season. Flowers create your entire color scheme for the tablescape.

  • Shop your local florist, flower market or grocery store and choose what’s new for fall.
  • Simply arranging flowers into a nice bowl or vase can be enough to really change the look of a room. If you’re hosting an event, use real flowers. For something you’ll want out all season, opt for fake flowers.
  • You can also gather colorful fallen leaves, acorns and pine cones to scatter on the table to accent the fresh flowers.

Celebrate the Harvest
Arrange any fall produce in bowls, cornucopias or platters to build a centerpiece.

  • Let a few pieces of your best produce overflow onto the table for a rustic look.
  • Paint acorns and pine cones to mix in with the produce and complete the fall-themed look.
  • Set a classic vase at the center of the table as an easy and elegant option that anchors the centerpiece.

Tip: If you can’t decide between a floral or produce centerpiece, mix them together! Simply place a head of kale, cabbage or purple lettuce in the center of your bowl, and then surround it with your favorite fall flowers. Don’t forget to spray occasionally with water to keep your centerpiece looking fresh!

Choose the Linens
Tablecloths, place mats and napkins are the basis for any table décor. Table linens are like your blank canvas – the remaining décor follow their lead.

  • Table runners anchor the centerpiece and its ornaments.
  • Add texture to the table décor by having a runner or tablecloth in burlap or linen.

Nothing Welcomes Fall Like Pumpkins
Pumpkins are beautiful on their own or when grouped with a few different sizes into a cluster. Spread them down a table runner with Febreze Holiday Collection candles in between for a romantic look.

Tip : Fall has an underlying theme of family, so don't forget the personal touches like photos, heirlooms or little trinkets in any centerpiece.

Which of these fall centerpieces will be on your table this season? Let us know in the comments below!


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