Fence Decorating Ideas

Bring new life to your fence with these unique decoration ideas.

Add some finesse to your yard by making it a reflection of your personality. Learn to embellish fences with flowers, stencils and other fun decorations with our inspired ideas.

Shadow Boxes
Create playful plant holders that are a perfect solution when space is tight.

  1. Find scrap wood pieces and screw them into place forming a square or rectangle.
  2. Using “L” brackets, secure boxes to fence.
  3. Place potted plants on the bottom shelf.

Metal Flowers
Repurpose old hose spigots to make faux metal flowers.

  • Find vintage hose spigots at a salvage yard or hardware store and paint the handles in a variety of colors.
  • Screw the ribbed faucet into the fence at varying heights and paint the exposed area green.

Stencil Designs
Use painter’s tape to create a stencil pattern on the fence. Paint, then remove the tape.

Tip : Use our stencil templates or easily create your own.

Rain Boot Garden
Get the whole family involved in creating this unique garden.

  1. Find a few old, colorful rain boots at rummage sales, thrift stores or at home.
  2. Screw each boot into the fence from the inside of the top of the boot.
  3. Fill each boot with potting soil and plant flowers or other greenery.

Metal Frames
Place metal picture frames on the fence like you’re decorating a hallway.

  • Leave them blank or paint the inside area with fun designs.
  • Add additional metal hanging art like copper butterflies or a brass snail.

Window Display
Secure a grouping of old windows to the fence. Mix and match a variety of paneled frames to create a charming, vintage look.

Paint Inspiration
Create a brand new look for the fence with a fresh coat of paint.

  • Find a color palette and alternate colors every 3-4 fence posts.
  • Create an exciting mural like a sunflower garden or nighttime scene.
  • Start at one end of the fence and create a beautiful rainbow scape towards the other.

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