How to Give Your Guest Room Another Purpose

If you rarely use your spare room, consider updating it with our clever dual-purpose ideas.

Be honest – how many days a year do you use your guest bedroom? If you only open it up for the occasional guest, why not make the most of the space and give it a secondary role? Whether you use it to indulge a hobby, relax and unwind, or get more organized, you’ll wonder why you didn’t give it another purpose sooner.


Home Office

Clever furniture is the key to adding an office space to a guest room. Invest in a wardrobe-style desk with doors so you can shut away your office clutter when it’s not in use. Think carefully about storage, too: Put work papers in decorative boxes, cover file boxes with attractive paper and keep stationery out of sight in drawers.

Tip: Keep a Swiffer 360 Duster in a spare desk drawer to trap and lock dust and dirt that gathers on furniture and baseboards.


Craft Room

Whether you enjoy sewing, knitting, crochet or paper crafts, why not make a space to enjoy your hobby? All you need is a decent-sized table to work on, plus baskets on shelves to store fabric and craft materials.

Use your wall space creatively with a pegboard. It’s great for hanging up anything from tools to spools of thread. As a finishing touch, if you have a sewing machine, buy or make a cover to disguise it when you have visitors.



Relaxation Space

Downsize your furniture to create a space to practice yoga, Pilates or meditation. If you have a double bed, swap it for a daybed or sofa bed, and get rid of any unnecessary wardrobes or chests of drawers. Still need storage? Built-in cupboards take up less room than freestanding ones.

Decorate the space in calm, peaceful shades. Install a large mirror to help with postural exercises, and add an oversized floor cushion to relax on when you’re done. A few Febreze Candles will set a meditative tone – and help eliminate those pesky common odors like pet smells and mustiness.


Dressing Room

Free up space in your bedroom by using your spare room to dress in. Invest in floor-to-ceiling wardrobes or rails, and put folded clothes in a chest or wardrobe. (Keep Febreze FABRIC on the shelf to clean odors from hard-to-wash clothing like blazers, scarves and the insides of shoes!)

Make hats, bags and necklaces a feature in the room by displaying them on wall hooks. Stash shoes in boxes under the bed, and stick a photo of each pair to the front to make finding the right pair easy. And don’t forget a full-length mirror! Attach it to the back of the door or the front of a wardrobe if you’re short on wall space.


Reading Nook

Create a mini library by lining one or more of the walls with bookshelves. If the space is small, try putting shelving above the window, door or bed. You’ll be surprised by how much you can fit! Consider organizing books by spine color – the rainbow effect can look quite striking.

Next, add a comfy chair and footstool, and a side table to keep your cup of coffee within easy reach. Finally, a positionable floor light will illuminate your pages if you stay up late with the latest page-turner.



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