Revamp Your Bedroom Décor for Under $50

Make these small changes to transform your bedroom into a more calming, soothing space.

By: Bryn Dunn

The bedroom is often one of the last rooms decorated in a home. Our living, family and dining rooms often get top priority since they are seen and used by friends and guests. However, your bedroom is where you retreat to at the end of every day to relax and unwind and should get special attention. Here are some budget-friendly ideas to help revamp the bedroom into one of your favorite rooms in your home.

Smell Your Way To Success
Large, scented candles are a great way to add a personal touch to your bedroom. Go into any big box store, and you’ll find all sorts of choices. Before filling a shopping cart with them, though, try some of these:

  • Floral fragrances that smell like your favorite flower
  • Fresh-smelling fragrances that create a feeling of cleanliness in your space
  • Musky scents both you and your husband will love

Light the candle every night while relaxing and reading a book, and by the time you blow out the candle, you’ll feel relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Your Best Bedtime Ever
When it’s time to get ready for bed, lighting can greatly affect your mood and your relaxation. Here’s a budget friendly bedroom decor tip: Switch out the light bulbs in your table lamps with three-way bulbs. Put the lamp on its brightest setting if you are reading a book or magazine. Then switch the lamps to low when you’re lounging and talking about your day with your spouse. You’ll be amazed at how much more relaxed you are when you don’t have bright lights in your eyes at the end of the day.

Another inexpensive way to revamp your bedroom is to swap out old patterned decorative bedding with solid neutrals. Solid neutral bedding is a designer favorite because it always looks fresh and soothing. Patterns can be fun at first, but people often grow tired of them after a while. Start a neutral bed with a solid duvet cover in a soft cream or white. They can usually be found at your local discount retailer for less than .

Your Sanctuary
Repainting your bedroom walls easily changes the entire feeling of your space. Soothing colors like blues, grays and creams are especially great for bedrooms. When selecting a paint color for your bedroom, always go with the most muted version of the color you’re looking for. A light blue may look perfect on the swatch card, but on the walls it often feels much brighter. Choose colors with muted gray undertones, and they will feel soothing and soft once they are up on the walls.

Bring on the coziness! Add a small, inexpensive sheepskin rug next to the bed, and the first thing your feet will touch in the morning is something soft and cozy. Toss a soft throw across the end of the bed — it will come in handy when you’re ready for the occasional nap.

The use of accessories is more common in living spaces, but accessories can easily and inexpensively add personality to a bedroom, too. Bring in some beautiful bowls to display jewelry on a dresser. Add a decorative box on the nightstand to store necessities like hand cream and lip balm. Decorative picture frames are perfect for displaying family photos. Your bedroom is a great place to display more personal pictures like a picture of you and your husband on your first date, or a picture of you and your child right after they were born.

After leaving her day job in 2010 to pursue her lifelong dream of decorating full time, Bryn Alexandra Dunn founded Bryn Alexandra Interiors. She currently decorates homes in Charlotte, N.C., where she lives with her husband, Matt, and writes about her life and love of interior design on her blog, Bryn Alexandra.


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