20 Signs You’re a Crazy Coupon Lady

20 Signs You’re a Crazy Coupon Lady

We all have “a friend” who goes to silly lengths to use a coupon!

By: Lorraine Allen

Every mom knows that it is definitely, without a doubt, a great idea to save money by using a few good coupons when shopping. In fact, it might well be the easiest way to save a few bucks here and there. But some of us don’t stop there. After all, saving money can be very, well, addicting. Almost as addicting as finding a way never to pay full price on anything again. Are you with me? Uh-huh!

If hunting for and cashing in coupons is up there among your favorite pastimes, you might be the new reigning queen of Couponville. Not sure? Well, here are 20 signs you might actually be an undeniable Crazy Coupon Lady.

1. You plan all your shopping, and part of your days, around the use of your coupons.

2. You feel physically weird if you’re shopping without a coupon – “weird” meaning “paralyzed.”

3. Instead of making grocery lists of things your family would like to eat, you make a “coupon list” of things you can get a good deal on each day.

4. You save coupons even after they expire. Hey, some cashiers don’t read the fine print, and others can be bribed with a sweet smile. Right?

5. You have so many coupons that you organize them in a special binder that you always carry with you.

6. … and the coupons are in plastic sleeves.

7. … and they're categorized by store, and by aisle!

8. You’re not shy about asking others for their coupons if you think they might not use them. Why waste them?

9. You subscribe to multiple copies of the newspaper so that you can get multiple copies of each coupon.

10. You can’t remember the last time you shopped without looking for a coupon.

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11. You’ll never tell a soul, but you have definitely dreamed about great coupons.


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12. When anyone mentions amazing, new coupon deals, your heart beats a little faster.

13. You have special coupon scissors and a specific way that you cut out coupons.

14. You believe that coupons make you happy. Like chocolate, or roses.

15. When you use your coupons, you feel like you’re having a productive day.

16. When people ask you what you do, you’re sometimes tempted to answer: “I coupon.”

17. You believe that people who don’t coupon cannot fully understand who you are, deep down.

18. You have found ways to convince your kids they wanted things that you have a great coupon for, even things they never would have requested.

19. You carve out time in your day to look for new coupons, print or clip them, and organize them just the way you like.

20. “Coupon” is one of your favorite words. Right up there after the names of your children and spouse.

What signs do you think show that someone has become THAT crazy coupon lady?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

Image ©iStock.com/Topalov

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