4 Expensive Mistakes to Avoid on Moving Day

4 Expensive Mistakes to Avoid on Moving Day

Avoid these costly moving mistakes.

By: Alicia C.

When moving, not only do we take physical objects with us, but we also take memories and important things with sentimental value that form part of our identity and family heritage. During my early years in this country, I was like a gypsy, moving all the time. It was not easy or cheap.

While I managed to settle in a city and find an area that I liked to establish my family, I lost a lot of money on things because I didn't know better. So the same thing doesn't happen to you, here are some of the money mistakes to avoid if you don't want your next move to end up more expensive than it should be:

1. Disorganized packing. Your time is worth gold and the more organized your things are before and during the move, the easier it will be for you and your family to make the transition to a new home. Keep your things clean and organized in boxes to save money and time. In addition, organizing your things will help keep them from being ruined. Now, to help with cleaning things such as electronics, have Swiffer Dusters on hand to help remove the dust that accumulates on them. To keep bed linens, towels, and pillows smelling fresh, put a few dryer sheets such as Downy Clean Breeze Sheets into the boxes. This will help protect them from humidity and keep them smelling nice. If your boxes are organized and labeled, you'll find that everything is much easier. In my last move I ended up with two can openers and two coffee makers, because I had to go out and buy essential things since they were hidden in an unpacked box.

2. Miscalculating what and how much you have. We Latinas have a habit of estimating quantities. Whether you're considering renting a truck and moving things from one house to another with the help of friends, or plan to hire a moving company, it helps to know exactly what you're going to take and how much space you need. Once I underestimated the amount of boxes that I would be moving, and the moving company charged me double for having to send a second truck even though they only used a quarter of the cargo space. Another time I had to make 4 trips between two apartments, having rented a truck that was too small. Consider numbering boxes you're packing and making a separate list of each box's contents. When you're finished packing you'll know exactly how many boxes you'll be moving and you'll be much better able to estimate the cost of the move.

3. You get what you pay for, (and it'll end up costing you more!) When I moved from Miami to Washington D.C., I used the company with the lowest price. The decision I made was based on price alone, without taking into consideration that a low price might turn out to be more costly. I didn't know about checking with the Better Business Bureau to verify if the company I trusted my things with had a good reputation and a record for complying with what they agreed to in the contract. On this occasion my move took three weeks longer than expected and I had to put a third of my things in the trash because they had been delivered broken. That isn't to say you should hire the most expensive moving company either, but base your decision not only on price, but on reputation as well.

4. Not taking your most precious things with you. It may seem easiest to put into boxes the books you love, jewelry, fragile items with sentimental meaning, photos of your grandparents when they were young, and your baby's first clothes – but don't do it! Anything that is impossible to replace – take it with you. All these things are precious and have priceless sentimental value so don't leave them in the hands of others unless it's something such as a dresser or very heavy table that has been in your family for generations that you're unable to handle yourself.

Clearly, a move involves much work in preparation and even more when you begin to unpack. Hopefully my experiences will help save you headaches as you organize and plan everything, and will save you as much money as possible.


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