8 Simple Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

8 Simple Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

Saving energy is easier than you think. Use these simple methods and you'll end up with some extra money.

Is your payment super high?

My husband and I almost died when we got the electric bill last month. We immediately started talking about what we were doing and what we needed to do to not spend so much.

When we started researching, we noticed we could save energy by disconnecting our appliances. We already knew they kept using energy even when they were turned off. What other ways are there to lower energy costs without having to constantly connect and disconnect them? These are some of the practical solutions we started to use around the house.

Turning off the light is not the only way to save. Check out all the other things you can do:

1. Videogames: Videogame consoles consume almost the same amount of energy when they are being used as when they're not. We taught our kids to disconnect them when they are not being used and we’ve even left a sticky note reminding them right next to the off button.

2. TVs: Televisions are generally programmed for the screen to be brighter than normal. We deactivated the background light control. The television looks great and uses 25% less energy! You can find out how to make this change in the TV instruction manual.

3. Computers and laptops: In my house, there is a desktop for the kids and two laptops. We programmed them to use the power-saver function and we turn off the screens when they are not being used. We also connected the printer, the scanner and the speakers to the same power strip in order to disconnect them at the same time and once the laptops are charged, we disconnect them as well.

4. Lights around the house: Little by little, we've replaced the normal light bulbs with energy efficient ones. Although these are more expensive, they represent significant savings in the long run.


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5. In the winter: Don’t forget to seal windows and doors in the colder months to keep the heat in and the cold out.

6. Dishwasher and washer: Now I make sure to fill up the dishwasher and the laundry machine, use short cycles and I run them at night.

7. Oven and stove: If your stovetop and oven are electric, they could be a large part of your bill. What can you do to control how much energy they use? Use lids and small containers. Take advantage of the residual heat when you turn off the stovetop and use the microwave to heat up food.

Tip: Replace old appliances with new ones with innovative energy-saving technology. At home, we are thinking about the dishwasher. It won't be an expense. It will be an investment.

Expect to see savings almost immediately but don't forget to be consistent with these practices so that you can continue to enjoy these savings every month.

What things do you do to use less energy in your home?

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