9 Moms Confess the Craziest Things They've Done to Save a Buck

9 Moms Confess the Craziest Things They've Done to Save a Buck

There are ways to save money, and there ways to make yourself crazy trying to save a buck.

By: Lorraine Allen

Most of the time, people try to save money by spending less than they would if they had unlimited funds. That’s the simplest way to save: Don’t spend. Then, there’s couponing, retirement savings plans, bonds, early bird discounts, and so on. But there are also some insane I’m-saving-a-dollar-no-matter-what-it-takes measures that many folks (myself included) have considered.

Here are some confessions of crazy money-saving efforts. They might not be worth the money saved, at all, but they are definitely worth the good laugh they’ll bring you!

1. “I decided to start the year with a resolution to save on gas, and not use my car unless I absolutely had to. But it was winter. A blizzard came, then an ice storm, and more snow on top. It was torturous pushing a stroller through feet of snow, ice, and slush, with groceries, for a month. I also wiped out on my bike twice, and twisted my ankle badly. After all that, I did the math, and I think I saved, at best, three tanks of gas.” -- Lorraine D., New York

2. “I resolved to only buy food on sale. After 10 days, my whole family got really sick from bad fish. There’s a reason fish goes on sale, people: It’s not fresh! I learned that the hard way.” -- Susan M., Illinois

3. “I was determined not to spend a lot on my wedding dress, so that we could save for an awesome honeymoon. I spent literally seven hours in line outside for this designer bridal dress sale, and when I finally got in, there was nothing I liked that fit me, and I had really bad frostbite on my toes that made it painful to walk. So I limped down the aisle a few weeks later in a dress I hated, just to save a few dollars.” -- Izzy B., Connecticut

4. “I refuse to spend money on things that I can get for free, and generally people think that’s a great thing, except everyone keeps making fun of me because instead of regular drinking glasses in our house we use empty jars, like jam or sauce or pickle jars. I still don’t see why that’s wrong. They are free, and they work just fine.” -- Eileen D., California

5. “My parents taught me to not buy anything I can make myself. I don’t always follow that rule, but when I first left home, I felt really bound to it. So when I needed somewhere to put my soap, I made a soapbox out of duct tape and the paper box the soap came in. My roommates still laugh about it 12 years later.” -- Vera Z., New York

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6. “I needed to get some documents notarized and I found I could get it done for free at my bank’s main branch, about 35 miles away. But it took me half the day, with commuter traffic, and I had to pay a babysitter way more than what I saved, just to get the free notary service. Plus, I wasted gas!” -- Carla C., Pennsylvania


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7. “We like this certain bread, which I discovered sells for 70 cents cheaper (which is almost 35 percent off) two towns away, so I drive all the way there, a couple of times a month, just to save a few dollars.” -- Elaine R., New Jersey

8. “I joined one of those discount stores with a yearly membership fee, to save some money. But I didn’t want to pay another annual fee this year, so I bought a ton of bulk items before last year ended. Now our garage is full of trash bags, paper towels, spaghetti, and canned food. There is rice all over the floor, and we can’t fit our second car in. Ugh!” -- Mila L., New York

9. “I wanted to take advantage of Black Friday sales, so that I could spoil my family with some great holiday gifts. I skipped my cousin’s bridal shower and lied to her about having the flu, just so I could wait in line to be one of the first ones in the store.” -- Henrietta S., South Carolina

Do you have a confession to share about something crazy you’ve done to save money?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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