Host a Party for $100 or Less

Host a Party for $100 or Less

Discover how to organize a great party your guests will love with a small budget.

By: Alejandra C.

Organizing a party with less than $100 is possible. It's a matter of putting your creativity to work, planning ahead of time, and you will no doubt impress your guests without bankrupting yourself in the process. The point of this is to inspire you to use any excuse to invite your friends over to hang out without worrying about the cost. Take advantage of these tips and tell me, when is your party?

The guests and invitations:
With this budget, you can calmly have 10 to 15 guests. One way to invite them without affecting your party budget is through e-mail. There are virtual invitations which look just like the paper ones. You can find them free for every occasion. If your aunt is not very computer savvy, you can just give her a call. After all, we Latinos are pretty casual about this. While you're at it, you can ask her to make those mini cheesecakes she makes with your grandma's recipe.

The place and time:
If one of the party organizers has a house with a pool, take advantage! A little dip in the pool can turn a casual get together into a full-blown party. A park is another alternative if you prefer to do it outdoors, especially if there are children. A midday brunch is cheaper option because you can make tortillas with vegetables at a low cost and pair them with a great salad and fruits. If you organize a party in between meals or in the afternoon, you can offer snack foods, and you won't have to spend a lot of money.

Food and beverages:
Since you don't have a large budget, you can ask your closest family and friends to bring their favorite snacks to share, drinks, or some dessert (did someone say tres leches?). You can also make cheap and delicious dishes like rice with chicken, pasta, tacos, tapas, or potato cakes. If you don't have time to cook, you can cut some vegetables and fruits and buy already baked snacks. Buffets are also ideal for a small budget. Pizza or hot dogs are also cheaper options for kids.

Dishes and utensils:
Use your home dishes so that you don't have to buy disposable plates. A good option is to use discount coupons so you can save money [if you do choose to go the paper plate route. If your party is outside, you can ask someone to bring disposable plates and napkins. Offer dishes that don't require flatware like chicken wings, cheeses, popcorn, or hamburgers.

Music and entertainment:
A Latin fiesta is not a party without music for everyone to show off their dance moves, even grandma and the little ones in the family. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a band or a DJ. Remember how many times an impromptu party would start just by turning on the radio? Today we have amazing technology that can organize a selection of songs into a party playlist: faster if the mood is hyped up or more romantic if the party is calmer. Another fun alternative is to organize karaoke. Why not let people who like to sing show off and entertain everyone with their talent?

Remember, the best parties are those filled with spontaneity, joy, and good music.


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