Hosting on a Budget

Hosting on a Budget

These details can help you save a few dollars.

By: Sarah Collins

First, Relax
Hosting a party requires many hours spent planning and, more often than not, a heaping handful of shelled-out dollars. The good news is that you don't have to spend oodles to host a party that induces smiles, laughs and memory-making moments for your guests. First and foremost, relax and try not to stress over too many details. It's also a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Make lists, create a budget and don't be afraid to recruit help from friends, family or inexpensive vendors, if necessary.

Double Duty: Part Décor and Favors
Have your party decorations double as favors, advises Marley Majcher, owner of catering and event company, The Party Goddess! "For example, potted succulents or plants look great as centerpieces and can be taken home by your guests," Majcher says. "Alternatively, purchase simple glass vases – we're talking [about ones from a bargain store] – fill with flowers, candy or candles, and let guests take them home at the end of the event."

Use Mason Jars
Canning jars, or Mason jars, are extremely popular right now. They're also very cheap. "They can be used for so many things," notes Bethany Herwegh, whose blog, The Glamorous Housewife, is dedicated to being a housewife and hostess. She recommends using mason jars for vases, drinking glasses or candleholders. "You can even cook individual desserts in the small ones," she adds.

Opt for Self-Serve
If you're hosting a large party and have the option of self-serve stations versus full-service wait staff, opt for the former. Majcher says to just amp up the presentation at these self-serve stations. "Even taco or pasta stations can look stylish with inexpensive linens, wrapped cardboard boxes (to create height) and flower arrangements in recycled Mason jars or cans."


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Be Gracious and Welcoming
Impeccable décor and scrumptious food are always party pluses, but being a gracious host can make all the difference when it comes to throwing a shindig. Meet and greet each guest with a warm welcome when they arrive, and thank them when they leave. Guests will remember a host's warm spirit longer than they'll recall the evening's dinner menu.

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These are great tips! I am having a holiday party and anything to make it easier on me is best.I love how the decorating can also be a party favor.

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