How to Get the Most out of Your Back-To-School Budget

How to Get the Most out of Your Back-To-School Budget

Don’t let the season break the bank. Stick to your back-to-school budget with these helpful tips and tricks.

1. Coupons
Getting the best bargains doesn't necessarily mean you must use all your coupons. While coupons do mean savings, they don't always mean the most savings. So check what other discounts are out there, and don’t think you have to use a coupon just because you have it.

2. Buy from Different Stores
Buying everything in one trip can be much more expensive than scoring deals at several different places. Visiting different stores can help you compare prices and get the most savings.

3. Make a List
Go into your back-to-school shopping with a concrete list — and stick to it. Not having specific purchases in mind can lead to impulse buys you may later regret.


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4. Buy in Bulk
Buying supplies such as pens and pencils in bulk will save you money, especially if you're buying for several kids. Not to mention, the surplus will keep them well-stocked for the rest of the school year.

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