5 Ways to Save on Air Travel

5 Ways to Save on Air Travel

You’ll be traveling the world – and saving money – with these 5 money-saving tips!

Air travel has become increasingly more expensive in the past few years – especially for those traveling as a family. It can take a year or more for many of us to save up for a visit to see our extended families and friends, and it often means making financial sacrifices in other areas of our lives.

But the costliness of it all doesn’t mean your tía back home is going to let you off the hook. Here are 5 practical tips for saving on air travel:

1. Travel in the off-season. The easiest way to save on airfare is to know your seasons. Research when peak season is for your destination and try to avoid it. You can often save hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars by traveling during the off-season. And sometimes, the off-season may be more convenient for your travel plans. For instance, the Caribbean is cheaper during the summer months, since so many people vacation there to get away from the cold winters.

2. Sign up for alerts. Use an online search engine to sign up for airfare alerts for the routes you’d like to book. You’ll get an email or text message instantly when the fare for a specific route – or even a specific flight – drops. Monitor these alerts for a few weeks, and you’ll get a good grasp of what’s a reasonable rate and what’s too high, so the next time a good one comes up, you can jump on it.

3. Try to avoid checking bags. These days, checked bags can cost upwards of $50 per bag, so see if you can challenge yourself to only pack carry-ons. Of course, for longer trips, checking bags may be unavoidable, but there are a few simple ways to pack in smaller bags! First, you can sign up for BzzAgent to receive samples of your favorite P&G products – perfect for travel-sized toiletries. Next, check out P&G everyday’s Ultimate Packing Guide for tips on how to pack your bags more efficiently.

4. Depart from a smaller airport. You may get a better deal if you choose to fly out of a smaller airport, particularly on domestic flights. If you live in a well-populated area, there are probably several airports to choose from. Be sure to check them all, as there can be a significant price difference from one to the next. Many of the smaller airports lack the bells and whistles of the bigger ones, but offer much cheaper rates as a result.

5. Try a domestic airline. Domestic airlines tend to have much cheaper rates than the big international lines, and often offer flash sales to particular destinations. Additionally, a number of domestic lines have started offering affordable flights to cities throughout the Caribbean as well as Central and South America – thanks to the growing Latino population in the United States. ¡Qué bueno!

Which of these money-saving travel tips was most helpful to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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