Save More by, You Know, Spending Less

Save More by, You Know, Spending Less

Here are some easy ways to make it to the end of the month with a little extra cash in your pocket.

By: Aimelin S.

The first days of the month are the most stressful when it comes to money. With a sad face we watch our pay disappear in a flash after working so hard to earn it. It’s time to pay bills in full and on time and there have been times where we’ve had to ask, to borrow, or to sell something in order to achieve this. When this happens we start the month feeling conflicted. However, there are ways to save and see how your money stretches further when you spend less.

1. Extend the Life of Perishable Foods.
It is important to invest in quality food. The trick is eating it before you waste a fortune because you waited too long and it went bad in the fridge. There are lots of fruits and vegetables that can actually be frozen if not used immediately.

You can also put them in vinegar and can them for later. Bread for instance could be placed directly in the freezer after purchased and thawed out as necessary.


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2. Whether You’re Using it or Not, if its Plugged in it’s Using Energy
The fan, hair drier, microwave or phone charger are examples of some of the appliances you could unplug after use in order to save money on your next electric bill. Another way to save money is by taking advantage of the deals your power company might offer, like free light bulbs.

3. Close Windows and Curtains During Hot Summer Days
Making the sun illuminate every corner of our homes is tempting, but our budget will slowly burn up due to the energy expenditure this will cause in order to keep your space cool. By protecting your home from excessive heat, you are protecting your money. Open your widows at night instead to let in a cool breeze.

4. Dry Your Clothes the Old-Fashioned Way
If it’s a nice day, you have the space and there isn’t too much pollen in the air, you should dry your clothes out on a clothesline. Modern life obscures the simplicity of the past with new and ingenious devices, so stay alert. There are things that we can do without that can save us money month to month — the dryer is one of them.

What do you do in order to save money on a monthly basis? Always remember that a penny saved, es un penny ganado.

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