Taming Your Post-holiday Budget

Taming Your Post-holiday Budget

The holidays may encourage you to splurge, but now you might be looking to get back on budget.

So what if you splurged on an expensive gift for that special someone this year? It’s not called the season of giving for nothing. And who cares if those plane tickets were more than you expected? It was worth it to be with family.

The holiday season can often encourage you to splurge, but now that it’s over, you might be looking for ways to tighten that belt and get back on budget.

Make a Budget
This may go without saying, but the first step to get back on track financially is to figure out what you’re working with. Determine what’s coming in, what’s going out and how much bouncing back will help you recover from the holidays.

You can clip coupons all day long, but without a road map to where you’re headed, it’s easy to lose your progress.

Spend Less
The concept is simple. With a little dedication and discipline, there are probably things you already buy all the time that you could be spending less on. Try buying household items in bulk, finding coupons online or in the paper and watching out for sales on your favorite stores.

Say you enjoy reading, for example. Rather than pay full price at a retail shop, try a used book store. Digital copies of books are often cheaper, and many of them can be found online for free. You might start a book-sharing group among friends and acquaintances. And of course, don’t forget about the time-tested resource for free literature: the public library.

If you’re interested in fashion, shopping at the end of season can save you some serious money. Stock up on clothes for next winter at the end of this one. Alternatively, buying directly from a manufacturer online can be cheaper, and online mailing lists can be a treasure trove of savings.


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If you need some guidance or motivation, look for online groups of other like-minded people. These users often share their best finds and great ideas for saving. There really is power in numbers when it comes to coupons or dollars saved. P&G everyday has millions in its community and you can get savings sent straight to your email. Consider joining now if you haven’t already!

Spend Smarter
Watching for savings is good, but anyone can clip coupons. How can you get creative with your budget?

Keep an eye out for your favorite businesses that offer loyalty programs. A coffee shop that you visit every morning or a regular lunch spot is likely to have punch cards that can be used to earn a free cup or meal every now and then.

Remember the classic strategy of buying in bulk? When you can, it’s great. But sometimes you can’t justify the shelf space to store 20 packs of socks at once. In these situations, you can still get some serious savings if you can round up some friends to split the bill.

Take that group spending to the next level by watching group-buying services for cheap products and services. The only thing sweeter than a cruise with that special someone is a cruise that is 50 percent off!

But when you’re yearning for some entertainment and a trip to Cabo just isn’t in the cards, everybody loves a good dinner party. Stay in, cook something sensible, and make it a potluck to get the biggest bang for your buck.

What tweaks do you make this time of year? Let us know in the comments below!

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That's a great tip! You can definitely save money by eating out less.

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Great tips! I especially love the suggestion of gathering some friends and sharing the 20 cans of Rotel from Sam's Club! Lol. Another thing I try to do in the winter is more home cooking and less eating out, trying to shed a few pounds anyway after the holidays!

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