Tips for Planning Your Holiday Budget Now

Tips for Planning Your Holiday Budget Now

Follow these tips to help plan your holiday budget.

The holiday season is not exempt from stress. Life can get busy. Gifts must be purchased, budgets are tight and what should be a fun time to celebrate with loved ones can suddenly feel agonizing.

What can we do to avoid debt, being in a hurry, getting mixed up and even being in a bad mood? The solution is to plan and get organized.

Who Are You Going to Buy Gifts for?
Are you shopping only for the kids – yours, your family members', or your friends’? Or maybe for kids and family – your parents, grandparents, in-laws and siblings? What about your friends, coworkers and your kids' teachers? If you're married, engaged or live with someone, the healthiest thing is to discuss this matter with your other half so you are both in agreement.

Set an Overall Budget
Once you complete your list of who you will be buying for, the next step is to set a budget. When you set your budget, keep in mind it really is the thought that counts. It's not about how much you spend but the significance of the gift.

Price Per Person
Next, assign an amount of money to each person. This will help you be confident when you’re shopping. Consider what you've gifted each person in previous years and do some online research.


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Gather Ideas
With your list of people and budget in hand, you can start looking for options. Don’t leave out homemade ideas – if you like to bake, you can buy some decorative tins for some cookies.

Do it Now
If you start as soon as possible, you avoid the stress of last minute purchases, running around and maybe not being able to find what you really wanted to get. When you buy ahead of time, you can take advantage of online purchases and savings in gas, time and stress.

Know the Dates
You can spread out the shopping if that’s easier for you, but keep in mind some common dates this season. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday is the following Monday, and many stores offer free shipping if you buy on certain days.

What’s most challenging for you when shopping during this season?

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