Ways to Save Money in the New Year

Ways to Save Money in the New Year

Make a plan for your family this new year for less spending and more saving!

By Anissa Hernandez

Are the holiday bills still trickling in? As el año nuevo rolls on, it’s a great time to focus on spending less and saving more money. Maybe we’ll even save enough this year so we don’t get into this bind again.

Here are some tips for spending less that can make a big difference in your bank balance:

Set a weekly budget. Set a budget according to your family’s needs (not wants). Also, make a shopping list and stick to it. Meal planning goes a long way if you work the plan.

Pack lunches. Using the weekly budget and meal plans, pack healthy lunches for the entire family.

Cook reusable dinners. These are dinners that can be made differently throughout the week, like carnitas. They can be eaten as tacos, flautas, quesadillas, enchiladas, or salads.

Eat out less. Eating out is the one item we spend the most money on, and it includes fast food, take-out, delivery and restaurants. Try this: Experiment for a week by tracking how much is spent on food. Set a goal where your family commits to going a week without eating out, and work your way to an entire month without eating out. The difference could really add up! It may equal a credit card payment. Avoid using credit for food. A cash-only system may help your awareness of spending and minimize dining out.


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Cancel subscriptions. These may include music, streaming video, magazines and newspapers, which are likely available at your local biblioteca.

Ways to save:

Use coupons. Pull the kids in to help cut out paper coupons and search your favorite stores online. Most stores ask for your email and those emails can turn into savings.

Ask “ ¿Lo Necesito?” Before checking out, look through the items in the basket, and ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” If not, take it out and stick to your allotted, weekly budget and plan.

Pay off your credit cards quickly. Pay more than the minimum payment so you don’t incur the interest expenses.

Get a piggy bank. It may sound silly, but all of your spare change will add up! Start collecting coins in the piggy and deposit them at the end of the month.

Share your secrets for saving in the comments below!

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