What You Need to Know About Buying Online

What You Need to Know About Buying Online

We buy so much online, but what are some of the precautions we should be taking to protect our purchases?

By: Aimelin S.

Buying online can save you time and trouble if done right. Follow these 4 recommendations and let us know how much they helped your next purchase.

Look for safe sites
If you are buying online, make sure you go to a secure store site. Another detail is that you might want to check the service protocol, http, when making the online connection. The most secure one is when you type https.

Use common sense
If the site looks suspicious then trust your instinct and don’t buy there. Same with site offers. If they are promoting bargains that are too good to be true, then it’s very possible that this is the case. Finally, if you don’t feel too confident about the site and it’s asking you to share personal information, then it’s time to click on that “close” button.

Before purchasing
There are certain things that you should pay close attention to when it comes to finalizing your purchase online.


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  • First, make sure that all your contact information is correct.
  • Read all the information available about the product. (You’d want to check for things like color, size, weight, value, etc).
  • Read the fine print available on refunds & complaints-handling policies
  • Before you hit submit make sure you understand all the charges for postage or handling
  • Make sure your final cost is accurate

FTC Regulation after 30 days
The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) rule states that a business must ship your merchandise within 30 days after the business receives your properly completed order, or within the advertised amount of days. If you will not be receiving your merchandise within this amount of time they should notify you immediately and give you the option to cancel the order.

What other tips so that you have a pleasant online experience? Tell us.

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