When to Under-spend or Over-spend

When to Under-spend or Over-spend

Finances are pretty cut and dried, so staying on top of them is key and can help you get to a better place.

By: Aimelin F.

To Spend or Not to Spend
Deciding when to spend strictly what was planned (or less) within the budget, and when to risk it and overspend, can be a double-edged sword if you do not have defined priorities. Keep on reading to see when you can under-spend or over-spend.

1. Technology is in Your Favor
Paying for satellite service or a cable bundle (TV, landline and internet) can be quite expensive. If you work from home and still want to enjoy your favorite shows, but do not need that house phone, prioritize on the Internet connection only.

Where to splurge? On a good laptop and good Internet speed. It makes more sense than a 62 inch TV with thousands of channels that you’ll probably never watch. There are many sites online that allow you to watch free TV shows and movies.


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2. Your Health Comes First
Good physical health can be achieved, in part, through buying better quality food products. Think of this as a long-term investment. Also, instead of joining a gym, consider spending a little more on a good bike. Using the bike to run errands, go to work, or even visit friends, will shrink your carbon footprint and put more of that gas cash in your pocket.

3. Pamper Your Loved Ones on Special Days
That 3-D movie that came out a few days before your kid’s birthday is a must! The trick to not break the bank is to attend a matinee showing.

The day of your wedding anniversary, invest in a special yet timeless gift like an engraved gift with your partner’s name. Of course the most valuable gift is time spent together, and for that you don’t have to spend a fortune. A trip to the park to play soccer with your kids, or a quiet stroll while you hold hands with the love of your life is all you need to feel special any day.

What are some of the things you save and splurge on? ¡Cuéntanos aquí!

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