You can make money from home

You can make money from home

There are careers that are perfect for staying at home. There are also activities you can do in order to increase family income.

By: Enriqueta L.

Working from home has many advantages. It allows you to manage your time and make money while you take care of your home and family. Of course, it forces you to be very organized but it also allows you to be independent and enterprising and earn money at the same time.

There are jobs that are perfect for staying at home, like being a writer, graphic designer, accountant, home service manicurist, etc. In addition, if you are a homemaker, there are many ways to make money from home, including:

Personal assistant. There are many who are not able to go out and buy groceries, take their clothes to the dry cleaners, or take their children to sports activities. Although this means leaving your house a couple of hours a week, you can become a personal assistant for new mothers, the elderly, sick people or for those who are truly extremely busy. It's a job that you can do for bits at a time.

Blogger. If you have a blog for the kitchen, crafts, coupons, fashion, beauty, have you thought about turning a hobby into a source of income? Check out the blogs of your favorite writers and you'll see that many posts are sponsored, they do drawings, and many more things that they get paid to do. You can also be one of them.

Community manager . If you are passionate about social networks, you love Twitter, you put pictures of everything on Instagram, and your Facebook wall is packed with comments from your friends and family members, perhaps you can manage the social networks of a company or an organization from the comfort of your home.

Walk dogs. You can be in charge of walking the dogs in your neighborhood. It's a job that doesn't take up a lot of time and if you like animals, you can even make it fun.

Catalog sales. Some women have been extremely successful managing catalog sales from their homes. Some of the things required include organizing gatherings, taking orders, delivering and charging for the merchandise: jewelry, cosmetics, etc.


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Take advantage of the opportunities that the digital age offer when it comes to the ability to make money from home. There are all sorts of things a stay at home mom can do like: be a participant on online polls, provide feedback to web designers, run a business via eBay. With technology on your side, you might be able to find something you love to do from home while generating a good income.

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