11 Weird Ways to Save Money

Check out our creative tips for saving money and funding your fun all summer long.

It’s finally summer – cue the music festivals, road trips and adventurous eats! Truth is, you don’t need a fat wallet to have fun. You just need to get a little, well, weird. So go ahead, try funding your summer entertainment with these unexpected but highly effective ways to save money.


1. Have a party and keep the leftovers.
Throwing the party of the year comes with some major perks, the most underrated of which is hoarding all the goodies your guests leave behind.



2. Keep your college ID on lock.
If you’re still a student (or even if you’re fresh out of college, because who’s actually checking?), your college ID can do more than just swipe you into your dorm or dining hall – it can get you sick deals. Just do a quick search online to find out which retailers, restaurants and other businesses are a student’s best friend.



3. Leverage your library.
If you’re more of a party animal than a bookworm, you may have lost touch with your local library. The good news is there are plenty of reasons to rediscover the magic. Your library has all your favorite textbooks, movies, audio books and even video games ready at your disposal.



4. Team up for cheap streaming. 
With most streaming services, one plan fits the whole fam (or friends who are like fam, as the case may be). Most streaming services offer family rates for less coin and maximum benefit.


5. Pose for an art class.
Strike a pose, make it rain. Getting paid to chill out in your birthday suit is either your dream job or your worst nightmare. Regardless, you can get paid up to an hour for posing nude at a local art class. (For the less adventurous, some art studios hire clothed models, too.)



6. Sleep more, shower less (if you’re into that).
Roll right out of bed and into class or the office. Wash your clothes with Downy Fresh Protect in-wash scent booster to give your clothes motion-activated freshness that’ll help you smell great – even if you skipped the shower.



7. Become a product tester.
Get paid for your opinion. Plus, your feedback can help companies make their products better – and that’s something we can all feel good about.



8. Wash your dishes with Dawn.
Dawn dish soap has more power per drop*, which means three times more grease cleaning power and fewer crusty ramen noodle bowls in your sink.

*vs. the leading competitor’s non-concentrated soap brand



9. Rent designer threads.
Dress like the C-suite – even if you’re the office new hire. Scope out online rental services and secondhand markets to get top looks for bottom dollar.



10. Unstopables: Dry-cleaning for Smarties.
Refresh your hard-to-wash fabrics (including blankets, couch throws and that nearly-impossible-to-launder blazer) by spraying them with Unstopables Fabric Refresher. You’ll get the fresh scent you crave without digging deep into your wallet.



11. Staying in is the new going out.
Chances are you’ve become quite the regular at a few joints in town. This weekend, mix it up with a low-key dinner party at your place. Download coupons from our P&GbrandSAVER to save on Febreze candles to set the mood and Bounty paper towels for cleanup.

Get weird. Save money. Have a blast. Which creative way to save are you going to try first?



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