17 Ways to Organize a Garage

17 Ways to Organize a Garage

Use Designer Kim Myles’ organization advice to set your garage up for success and keep things in their place.

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  1. Find appropriate size and color bins for different storage needs. Transparent or semi-transparent bins are best so you can see what is in them without having to open
  2. Label the bins with masking tape and marker by writing the label on the tape and placing the tape on the side of the bin. Examples: Holiday décor, Laundry, Kitchen, Sports, Memories, Clothes, etc.
  3. Plan the layout for the shelves to determine what is going to be stored where

Tip: Put seasonal items like holiday decorations up higher because you won’t need them very often. Put more day-to-day items lower to reach them easily.

  1. Fill each bin with the items corresponding to your new labels
  2. Place bins on shelves according to your predetermined plan


  1. Measure the side of the shelving unit where you intend to put the pegboard. Ideally, you’ll use the side of the shelves that is most easily accessible. Measure the width and height using a tape measure and write down the measurement
  2. From local hardware store, buy pre-cut pegboard that fits your measurements
  3. Attach pegboard to shelving unit using zip ties through a peg-hole on the side of the board and then wrap around the side of the storage unit. Trim the excess zip tie with scissors. Repeat this up and down along the sides using at least 4-5 zip ties. Repeat this step to attach pegboard to shelving on all sides
  4. Add tool holders/hangers to pegboard by pushing back of holder through pegs so that it sits on pegboard

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Lazy Susans:

  1. Purchase an outdoor Lazy Susan from local hardware store. This will be used to hold cleaning products and make them easily accessible
  2. Place Lazy Susan on one of the shelves in desired location. Best to put it at eye or shoulder level to make items easily accessible
  3. Use Lazy Susan to store cleaning products and maintain easy access to a variety of products

Tackle Boxes:

  1. Re-use an old tackle box or purchase one. This will be used to hold small items like screws, nails, tape, etc.
  2. Place smaller items including tools, nails and screws in the smaller compartments of the tackle box
  3. Place slightly larger items like tape and batteries in the bottom portion of the tackle box

Paper Towel Holder for Trash Bags:

  1. Re-use or purchase paper towel holder. This will be used to hold trash bags for easy access
  2. Take trash bags out of box while keeping the roll intact. Slide roll of trash bags over the end of the paper towel holder using the interior circle of the trash bags

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