ABCD Framed Artwork

ABCD Framed Artwork

Creating a personalized, sophisticated piece of artwork – and a custom frame – is as easy as A, B, C, D!

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Difficulty: Intermediate

Black and white acrylic paint
2" paintbrushes
½" paintbrushes
Sea sponges
Spray adhesive
30" × 40" blank canvas
Spray bottle with water
Wood glue
Gold adhesive
6" paint roller (medium nap)
(8) sheets of gold leaf
Gold paint (for touch ups)
Latex gloves
18-gauge finishing nails
Pneumatic nail gun
(2) 7¾" × 3' prestained wood boards
(2) 7¾" × 46" prestained wood boards
(2) 1¾" × 27" white wood boards
(2) 1¾" × 37¼" white wood boards
Paper plates


1. Put on latex gloves. Pour black and white acrylic paint separately on a paper plate. Using the spray bottle filled with water, spray all over the blank canvas

2. Dip the 2" paintbrush into one or both colors of acrylic paint, and start painting the letter A. You can paint all four letters (A, B, C and D) on this canvas or just paint one or two letters – it’s up to you!

3. Dip the 6" paint roller into the white acrylic paint, and roll the paint across the letters to mix the black and white colors

4. Between brushstrokes, continue to spray water on the canvas, and then move the canvas to create drips in the paint. You can also paint the letters with a different type of paintbrush or sea sponges to create a more abstract look. Repeat until the desired letters are painted onto the canvas

5. Set canvas aside and let dry for about 20 minutes (preferably an hour). In the meantime, start decorating the framing


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6. Spray gold adhesive along the white wood boards. Carefully strip the gold leaf from its sheet, and with a clean paintbrush gently tap it onto the white wood. Use gold paint for any necessary touch ups

7. All the white wood boards should be covered in gold leaf. Line up the top and bottom of the piece of artwork with the two 7¾" × 3' prestained wood boards

8. Add the two 7¾" × 46" prestained wood boards to the sides

9. Secure the framing on the canvas with 18-gauge finishing nails and the pneumatic nail gun. Insert nails every 2"–3"

10. Place the gold leaf frame on the existing frame. Make sure the ends are lined up and flush

11. Secure the gold leaf frame on the wood frame with the 18-gauge finishing nails

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@Babydoll - Same here! Thanks for sharing and being part of our community.

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I absolutely love art and painting .

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