Abstract Bookcase

Abstract Bookcase

Create an eye-catching corner shelf to hold prized items.

5 col

Difficulty: Intermediate

10" × 10" pine wood squares (can be purchased precut at hardware store)
Measuring tape
Chop saw
Protective glasses
Wood glue
Corner clamps
Nail gun
Brad nails
Angle clamps
220-grit sandpaper
Wood stain


1. Measure 10" marks to create (11) 10" × 10" wood squares

2. Line the chop saw blade to marks on the wood and cut. Apply safety glass while performing this step

Designer Tip: You can have these pre-cut at the hardware store.

3. Begin by securing 3 pieces of 10" × 10" pieces in a U-shape with wood glue

4. Use corner clamps to keep the wood steady, and secure them together with a nail gun and brad nails

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to create a total of 2 U-shapes, with the remaining 10" × 10" wood pieces unsecured

6. Assemble the wood pieces to create the shelf into the abstract pattern

7. Be sure to secure the wood pieces together with nails

8. Once the shelf completely assembled, put on rubber gloves and apply wood stain with a dry rag, and allow to dry

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