African Plate Wall Art

African Plate Wall Art

Turn simple wicker baskets into a piece of art that adds dimension and texture to any wall.

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Difficulty: Intermediate/Difficult

Various wicker baskets
4' × 6' sheet of finished plywood (¾" thick)
(2) 54"-long wood plank (1½" × ¾")
(2) 30"-long wood plank (1½" × ¾")
1¼" galvanized screws
1¼" drywall screws
2" galvanized screws
25" LED rope lighting
Tape measure
Pen or permanent marker

Decorative glass plates
Spring plate holders
Picture hook kit

1. Begin by positioning the 4' × 6' plywood sheet in landscape orientation as seen below

2. Use the tape measure to locate and mark with a pencil the middle of the long side at 3', and 3" inward from the edge

3. Mark the middle of the 54" wood plank (at 27"), and line it up with the middle 3' mark on the plywood sheet. Use a drill to secure the plank on the plywood sheet with a 2" galvanized screw. Make sure to secure it 3" inward from the edge

4. Continue drilling 2" galvanized screws along the plank every 3"–6" until it’s secure

5. Connect the end of the shorter plank (30") to the end of the existing plank already drilled to the plywood. It should look like a right angle as seen below. Drill it onto the plywood sheet every 3"–6"

6. Repeat step 5 on the other end to make another right angle

7. Drill the last 54" plank to complete the border. Double check that all four planks are 3" from the edge of the plywood

8. Once the planks are securely screwed into the plywood, grab the 25" LED rope light – this will make your border light up around the planks and illuminate the works of art that will be placed on the front

9. Run the LED light rope along the outside of the wood plank border, starting from the middle of the long side. Use the 1¼" galvanized screws to drill halfway into the plywood to keep the rope in place, as seen below

10. Continue to drill in the 1¼" galvanized screws halfway into the plywood alongside the rope, all the way around the border. Make sure to place screws 3"–6" apart from each other to ensure the rope’s placement

11. Once the LED rope light is secure all around the border, flip the table over

12. Choose baskets and/or plates, and arrange to your preference

13. Once you have arranged the baskets and/or plates to your liking, begin drilling the items to the plywood sheet with the 1¼" drywall screws. Continue this step until all wicker and wood items are secured

14. Optional: If you want to add decorative glass plates, wrap the teeth of the spring plate holder to the opposite ends of the bottom of the glass plate as seen below

15. Decide where to place the glass plate on the plywood sheet, and nail in the picture hook with a hammer

16. Finally, connect the middle part of the “W” on the plate holder to the hook and ensure its security

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