Amy Dever’s Built-In Storage Cubby

Amy Dever’s Built-In Storage Cubby

Use carpenter Amy Dever’s simple instructions to create built-in storage cubbies.

5 col

3/4” x 4’ x 8’ birch plywood
2” x 4” x 8’ pine wood
1” x 2” poplar wood
1 1/2” brad nails
(6) 1 5/8" coarse thread drywall screws
(8) 2" coarse thread drywall screws
Table Saw
Power Drill
Yellow wood glue
Lightweight spackling compound
150 grit sandpaper



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  1. Determine the size of your cubbies and generate a cut list for all your pieces. In our case, the cubbies will be 65” long, 13½” tall, 14½” deep.
  2. Have your local hardware store cut all the parts out of birch plywood.
    • 2 side pieces at 12” x 14½”
    • 2 cubby inserts (vertical pieces) at 12” x 13¾”
    • 2 top/bottom panel pieces at 14” x 65”
    • 2 cleat/frame pieces at 63½” x 3”
  3. Assemble the main frame of the cubbies. Lay the top & bottom panels out and attach the 2 side pieces with wood glue and 1 5/8” drywall screws. Be sure to pilot drill and countersink the holes for the screws.
  4. Drop the 2 cubby inserts (vertical pieces) in place. Apply a bead of wood glue on the edge of the vertical pieces. From the outside of the frame, drill pilot holes and attach screws to secure the vertical pieces in place. (Make sure to square them up to 90 degree angles before drilling and screwing.)
  5. Use a saw to cut 1”x2” poplar wood pieces to the dimensions of the cubby frame. (This will serve as the trim pieces to nicely finish off the frame) Glue and nail face frame pieces to the front edges of the plywood frame.
  6. Cut two 2x4s to the length of the whole cubby frame, to be used as the feet for the cubby structure. Use glue and screws to attach the pieces along the front and back edge of bottom of the cubby frame
  7. With lightweight spackling compound, fill all of the nail and screw holes, as well as any gaps or imperfections.
  8. When the spackle is dry, sand the entire piece so it is smooth all around.
  9. Prime and paint the cubbies.

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