Antiqued Dining Table Finish

Antiqued Dining Table Finish

Two new paint colors give a wood table an aged look and feel.

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Old is new again with this paint technique which gives a wood table antiqued charm.

Existing kitchen table
220-grit sandpaper
Old chain (any size)
White exterior latex paint (for the top-coat)
Exterior latex paint (for the undercoat)
Old dry cloth


  1. If the table has a center leaf, remove it and put it to the side for later
  2. Using the 220-grit sandpaper, remove the existing finish from the table as well as any unwanted marks that may exist
  3. Once sanded, use a dry cloth to wipe away any sawdust that was created when sanding
  4. Give the table some character dents by dinging it up a little by hitting it with the chain and hammer. Creating imperfections will add to the vintage feel of the table

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Tip: Use different techniques and hitting methods to create a varying array of dents, dings and nicks. The size of the chain will change the type of dings created. 

  1. Use the paintbrush to paint the table the undercoat color, we chose turquoise. Allow time for the paint to dry completely
  2. Once the undercoat paint has completely dried, paint on the top-coat of white paint, using the paintbrush. Allow time for the top-coat to fully dry
  3. After the top-coat paint has completely dried, use the sandpaper to create the “aged” affect, by wearing through the layers of paint, exposing the undercoat. You can even wear through the undercoat in some places to expose the original wood

Tip: Spot sanding is the best approach, so that all the paint isn’t sanded off. Sand some parts less than others, which will also change the look of the “aging” affect. 

  1. Use the old rag once again to dust away the sawdust and paint that was removed with the sandpaper.
  2. To antique the center leaf, follow steps 2-8 again before installing it into the table. For the base of the table, simply paint it with the same color top-coat paint.

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