Armchair with Casters

Armchair with Casters

Use carpenter David Leon’s simple instructions to give armchairs functionality with wheels.

5 col

Safety glasses
Carpenter pencil
120-grit sandpaper
Speed square
4 swivel-bearing casters
Blue painters tape
Drill with a 3/8-inch forstner bit
4 plastic sheaths for the casters


  1. Put on safety glasses and flip your chair over so that the legs are facing up
  2. Make a mark on every armchair leg 1 1/2-inches from the bottom. Hold the chair leg for stability and use the handsaw to cut 1 1/2-inches off each leg

Tip: Make the first cut on the leg with the handsaw coming toward you and saw slowly until you’ve made a deep groove.

  1. Use 120-grit sandpaper to remove any splinters or rough edges left behind
  2. Make an “X” on the bottom of the legs. Use your speed square in the thickest part of the leg to draw the “X.” The middle of the “X” will be your guide to drill a guide hole for your casters


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  1. Use the swivel bearing caster as a guide for how far you need to drill into the leg. Take the screw end of the caster and line it up with the drill bit. Where the screw ends, mark with blue tape on your drill bit. Once the blue tape touches the wood while drilling, you’ll know you’ve drilled far enough

  1. Use the drill with the forstner bit and drill a hole into the middle of the “X” on the bottom of the leg. Make sure all four parts of the forstner bit are touching the wood before you start drilling

Tip: Forstner bits are ideal for working with wood. The four separate teeth allow you to drill holes without having to worry about splitting or damaging the wood.

  1. Cap each caster with a plastic sheath. Then insert the capped casters into the drilled holes

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