Armoire Fabric Panels

Armoire Fabric Panels

Use these simple instructions to add Victorian-inspired panels to your armoire.

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Add decorative fabric panels to the front of your pre-existing armoire for a vintage feel that’s perfect for Victorian-inspired bedroom designs.

Armoire — existing or purchased
Sheer fabric curtains
Fabric scissors
Fabric pins
Hem tape
1/16-inch drill bit
(4 per panel) small cup hooks
(2 per panel) wooden dowels — 3/8-inch diameter cut to width of panel


  1. Take regular sheer curtains and cut them to the length of the door panel, plus 2 inches, using fabric scissors
  2. Fold over 2 inches of the rough edge and hold in place with pins. Iron along the fold to make a crisp edge, and then place a strip of hem tape between the fold. Low-heat (synthetic setting) iron the fold a second time, over the hem tape; this will activate the tape and hold the hem together without damaging the fabric

  1. Remove the pins from the fabric

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Attaching the Fabric to the Panel:

  1. Using a drill with a 1/16-inch drill bit, drill four tiny pilot holes, one in each corner of the door panel. Screw a cup hook into each hole

  1. Thread a dowel through each end of the curtain, bunching the curtain together
  2. Hang the fabric accent by sliding the top dowel through the top hooks and repeat for the bottom. Cover the screws with the fabric

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