Arts & Crafts Table

Arts & Crafts Table

Transform an ordinary coffee table into a kid-friendly arts and crafts table!

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Coffee table
Extra-long artist’s pad (larger than the size of the top of your coffee table)
Painter’s tape
(2) Clamps
Utility knife
(2) Long hook and loop strips


  1. Place the coffee table (table side down) on top of the artist’s pad. Make sure the edge of the table is flush and lined up with the edge of the pad. Trace along edges of the table with a pencil

  1. Next, tape along traced lines on the edges of the artist’s pad


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  1. Clamp the pad to the table to stabilize it when cutting
  1. Line up the T-square with the tape, and cut along the bottom and side edges of the tape completely with a utility knife

  1. Once both the bottom and sides have been cut, place a hook and loop strip across the top of the table

  1. Lastly, take the second hook and loop strip and cut into 4 even squares. Unpeel each square and place in the four corners of the artist’s pad, and attach to the table
  2. Grab your favorite color – time to draw! Enjoy

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