Balloon Animal Pillow

Make a pillow that looks like a colorful balloon animal!

5 col

Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate

10" × 36" Polyblend stretchable fabric
Sewing machine
Yarn in same color as fabric
2' dowel
Thread for sewing machine


1. Fold the 10" × 36" piece of Polyblend fabric in half to make it 5" × 36"

2. With the sewing machine, sew a straight stich along the 36" open end of the Polyblend fabric, about ¼" from the edge. Then turn the fabric inside out so you don’t see the seam

3. Close off one short end of the fabric piece with yarn that matches the color of the fabric, as shown

Design Tip: When tying the end of the fabric with yarn, leave some excess fabric so it looks like a balloon tie.

4. Insert two handfuls of stuffing into the opening in the fabric piece. Use the dowel to help move the stuffing through the fabric

5. Push the stuffing all the way to the end where the tie is, making sure it is densely packed. Tie a piece of yarn around the fabric to close off this section of stuffing, as shown. This will be the balloon animal’s head

6. Trim the excess yarn

7. To make the ears, stuff the fabric piece with half a handful of stuffing, and then tie with yarn to make a small ball shape. Repeat to make another ball

8. Fold in the two ear balls and tie them together, as shown

9. Insert two handfuls of stuffing to make the neck, and tie the end

10. Stuff two more sections, each with about 2½ handfuls of stuffing. Make sure they are equal in size. These will be the front legs

11. Fold the two leg sections into each other as you did for the ears, and tie them together

12. So far, you’ve made the head, ears, neck and legs. To make the body, stuff three handfuls of stuffing into the fabric piece

13. Tie the end of the body with yarn, and then repeat steps 10 and 11 to make two more legs

14. Insert half a handful of stuffing for the tail, and tie it off. Trim the fabric piece, leaving about 1" excess fabric

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