Bamboo Privacy Wall

Create a more secluded outdoor space with this DIY bamboo stick privacy wall.

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Difficulty: Easy

(3) Deep planters, 36” x 15” x 15”
(3) 40” x 19” chicken wire with 2” holes
(70-90) Bamboo sticks, 8’ x 1”-2” diameter
(3) Large bags pea gravel
(3) Large bags all-purpose sand
(3) Large bags silver sand
Large bag of decorative rocks
Staple gun with staples
Work gloves
Rubber mallet
Large bucket of water or water from garden hose
Wire snips



  1. Put on work gloves. Pour one large bag of pea gravel into each of the three planters to a depth of 6”-7” deep (See images below)

  1. Chicken wire will be placed in each planter to help hold the bamboo in later steps. Using wire snips, cut the four corners of a piece of 40” x 19” chicken wire at 45° angles to 2”. Fold up the chicken wire on all four sides to create a 2” edge all the way around. Place the chicken wire in a planter about 5” from the top of the planter edge. Secure the chicken wire in place using a staple gun and staples placed every 4” to 6“ along the 2” edge. Repeat for all three planters (See images below)

  1. Pour one large bag of all-purpose sand into each planter almost to the level of the chicken wire (See images below)

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  1. Place 25-30 bamboo sticks into each planter in a row, poking them through the chicken wire and into the sand. Use a rubber mallet to hammer the bamboo into the sand if needed (See images below)

Expert Tip For smaller bamboo sticks, two can be placed into one hole in the chicken wire.

  1. Pour one large bag of silver sand into each planter almost to the level of the planter edge. Using a garden hose or a large bucket of water, add water to each planter to help the sand and pea gravel bind together and make the planter a heavier base to support the bamboo (See images below)

  1. Place decorative stones onto the sand of each planter (See images below)

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