Bead Wall Art

Bead Wall Art

Create a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art with used beads and necklaces.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Decorative tree branch or driftwood
Jewelry/beaded necklaces
Curtain pole hanger kit (comes with screws)
Screw gun
Branch cutter
(2) Wall anchors


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  1. Remove all excess branches and leaves from decorative tree branch
  2. Hold your tree branch on the wall and use a pencil to mark where you want it to go
  3. Using a screw gun, screw one wall anchor onto each side, corresponding with the pencil marks from Step 2
  4. Using a screw gun, screw in the curtain hangers into the wall anchors
  5. Place tree branch on curtain hangers

String the beads in a desired pattern. Be creative, different colors and different bead textures help create the overall design. Don’t feel the need to be structured.

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