Bed Canopy

Bed Canopy

Create an elegant, queen-sized canopy using carpenter Amy Devers’ instructions.

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Create a decorative bedroom canopy for a queen-sized bed by assembling a simple wooden frame and attaching a bed skirt and curtains to it.

Paint and primer in one — semi-gloss interior color of your choice
Decorator’s paintbrush
(2) 2”x2”x7” lumber
(2) 2”x2”x6’ lumber
1”x4”x10” lumber — used for temporary support
1/8-inch drill bit
Small box 1-inch wood screws
Small box 3-inch wood screws
Tape measure
Queen-sized bed skirt
Upholstery stapler and staples
Fabric scissors
Phillips screwdriver
1/4-inch drill bit
5/8-inch spade bit
(6) 1/4-inch toggle bolts — 6 feet long
(6) 3-inch drywall screws
Pair of floor-to-ceiling length curtains


Assembling the Frame:

  1. Paint all of the lumber pieces the color of your choice and allow paint to dry before moving on to the next step
  2. Lay the two long pieces of lumber (6 feet long) and two short pieces of lumber (7 inches long) on your work surface to form a rectangle. The short pieces should sit in between the large lumber pieces

  1. Once the four pieces of lumber are placed in a rectangle, lay the temporary support lumber across the two long pieces. This will stop the rectangle from shifting apart in the next steps. Drill a 1/8-inch pilot hole in each corner of the support and then anchor it to the long pieces with 1-inch wood screws

  1. Using a 1/8-inch drill bit, drill two pilot holes through the long pieces and into the ends of the short pieces at each corner. Anchor the pieces of lumber together with 3-inch wood screws through your pilot holes

Adding the Bed Skirt:

  1. Find the center point of the long edge of the frame 3 feet from the end and make a mark. This will be where the bed skirt is centered onto the wood frame
  2. Cut one side panel off of the bed skirt, leaving 1-inch excess white fabric still attached. If the bed skirt has a center pleat, line it up with the center point mark from Step 5 as a guide. If there is no pleat, fold the bed skirt in half to find its center point
  3. Starting at the center and working toward the edges, use an upholstery stapler to attach the bed skirt to the top of the frame, placing staples every 2 to 3 inches along the excess fabric. Wrap the edges of the bed skirt 3 inches around the sides of the frame and staple in place

  1. To cover the sides of the canopy, cut two 14-inch pieces off of the bed skirt’s second side panel that have hemmed edges. Staple the pieces to the short sides of the frame so the hemmed edges are facing the front

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Installing the Canopy:

  1. Three pilot holes are needed along each long side of the frame for the hardware to hang the canopy. Measure 11 inches in from the four corners of the wood frame and mark the points with a pencil. Use a drill with a 1/4-inch drill bit to drill holes through the four marks. Drill an additional pilot hole in the center of each long side to make the fifth and sixth pilot holes
  2. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the temporary support from the frame and discard
  3. NOTE: Find two friends to help you with this step. Center the frame on the ceiling over the head of the bed. Have two people hold each side of the frame while the third person drills 1/8-inch holes into the ceiling using the 1/4-inch pilot holes in the frame as a guideline. Once the holes are drilled, put the frame to one side

Tip: To ensure the canopy stays firmly attached to the ceiling, the appropriate hardware must be used. If you are drilling into studs, then use a 3-inch drywall screw; if not, then you must use a toggle bolt. Mark an X on the ceiling next to the holes that need toggle bolts.

  1. Widen the holes on the ceiling that where marked as needing a toggle bolt by using a drill with a 5/8-inch spade bit. This is so the toggle bolts will fit
  2. Locate the corresponding pilot holes on the frame and slide 1/4-inch toggle bolts through each so the anchor is resting on top of the frame

  1. Once the toggle bolts are in place, have two people hold the canopy frame up to the ceiling while the third person pushes the toggle bolts through the corresponding holes. Tighten the bolts following the instructions on the packaging
  2. Drill 3-inch drywall screws into any hole that doesn’t have a toggle bolt

Adding the Curtain Trim:

  1. Starting at one side edge of the frame, hold a corner of the curtain up to the inside of the canopy frame and staple the curtain in place

  1. For a pleated look, fold the next part of the curtain into a 2- to 3-inch pleat and staple on the other side of the fold. Continue pleating and stapling the first curtain until it reaches a few inches past the center point of the frame. Repeat on the opposite side of the frame with the second curtain, overlapping the first curtain in the middle

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