Big Bottle Lamps

Big Bottle Lamps

This project uses big bottles to create matching bedside lamps.

5 col

(2) Second-hand large glass jugs or vases
(2) Light sockets/cords
(2) Large corks (for joining sockets to bottle mouth)
(2) Lamp shades (with harps)
Light bulbs
Phillips head screwdriver


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  1. Drill center hole to fit sockets into corks
  2. Drill side hole to meet the center hole for wire threading
  3. Screw harp into central hole
  4. Feed wire through side hole from top part harp
  5. Feed wire back to harp through bottom
  6. Attach wire to socket using pliers and a Phillips head screwdriver
  7. Attach socket to harp
  8. Place cork with harp into bottle mouth
  9. Screw in light bulb
  10. Add lamp shade

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