Bookcase Chaise Lounge

Bookcase Chaise Lounge

Turn an old or secondhand bookcase into a comfortable, functional lounger.

5 col

Tape measure
Second-hand bookcase
Daybed mattress
Circular saw
1 1/2 Sheets of 3/4” thick plywood
(3) 2x4” board
Wood Glue
Chop saw
Bar clamp
Safety glasses
Cordless drill/driver
Exterior 3/4” screws
Speed Square
11/4” Quarter-20 bolts with corresponding nuts and washers
(3) 3 1/2” zinc plated door hinges
1”x2” Hardwood poplar trim
Nail gun with 1 ½” brad nails
(1) 2”x4”x8’ board
Fine-grit sandpaper
Paint (primer and exterior latex paint)
Paint roller and pan


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  1. Measure the dimensions of the bookcase to make sure the bookcase will fit the daybed mattress.
  2. Using the circular saw, cut the plywood sheet to fit the dimensions of the bookcase, adding an additional 11/2” to the width measurement. This will be the “lid” to the chaise lounge storage. From the half sheet of plywood, cut a piece of plywood that is the same width as the bookcase and 2 1/2’ high. Also cut a second perfect square to 2 1/2’ x 2 1/2’. Cut this perfect square diagonally, creating two identical triangles. These will become the backrest for the lounge.
  3. Measure (3) 2”x4” boards to the width of the bookcase and mark with a pencil.  Using a chop saw, cut these boards on your marks which will act as runners or feet for the chaise lounge.
  4. With the bookcase face down, place one runner at the top, one at the middle and one near the bottom on the back of the bookcase. Use the speed square to align the three runners perpendicular to the long sides of the bookcase. Apply wood glue to the bottom of each runner and adhere into place.
  5. Drill counter sunk pilot holes into the runners where you will be driving the screws.  Using the impact driver, drill one screw into each counter sunk pilot hole to attach the runner feet to the bookcase. Flip the entire piece upside down onto the newly attached feet.
  6. Lay the cut plywood “lid” down and place the three door hinges, evenly apart, on the edge of one of the long sides of the wood.  Make sure that the rounded side of the hinge is pointing straight up, at a right angle, and flush with the edge of the plywood.  Mark the positioning of the hinges’ screw holes with a pencil. Using the impact driver, drill the hinge in place on the plywood edge with the 3/4” screws.
  7. Once all three hinges have been secured, turn the plywood upside down and place it on top of the bookcase. The rounded sides of the hinges should now be pointing toward the ground. With the hinges still at right angels, place this side of the plywood flush with the edge of the bookcase. The extra 1 1/2” in width will overhang on the opposite side of the plywood.
  8. Lay the rounded side of hinges onto the side of the bookcase and mark the screw holes with the pencil. Using the drill driver, attach the other sides of the hinges to the bookcase on your marks, to complete the hinged lid for the chaise lounge storage.
  9. Cut the poplar trim to the length of the lounge. This will act as a handle for the hinged lid as well as dress the raw edge of the plywood.
  10. Apply wood glue to the top of the trim and place it underneath the overhanging edge of the plywood (the extra 1 1/2” that you allotted for earlier). Using a nail gun and 1 1/2” nails, secure the trim into place every 5”.
  11. To create the backrest: Take the two identical plywood triangles you cut earlier and apply a bead of wood glue to each long edge of the triangle. Lay the 2 1/2’ high plywood board on top of each triangle’s glued edge. Make sure all of the edges are aligned and then use the nail gun to secure it in place, inserting the 1 1/2” brad nails, every 5” around the edges of the backrest.
  12. Apply wood filler to all of the holes created by the screws and nails.
  13. Sand the entire piece, including the backboard, with the sandpaper to ensure its smoothness.
  14. Using the paint roller and paintbrush, paint the entire piece with the primer. Allow the primer time to dry completely.
  15. Once the primer has dried, use a clean paint roller and paintbrush to paint the exterior coat of paint. Allow this coat of paint time to dry completely. Follow up with a second coat if need be.
  16. Once the piece has completely dried, move the lounge to where you would like it and dress it with the backboard, day bed mattress and pillows of your choice.

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