Bookcase Upgrade

Bookcase Upgrade

Add crown molding and decorative wood and metal pieces to an existing bookcase to create a stylish, modern look.

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Difficulty: Difficult

(2) 77½" × 14 5/8" pieces of pine wood
(2) 35 3/8" × 14 5/8" pieces of pine wood
(1) 38½" piece of crown molding with mitered corners
(2) 14 5/8" piece of crown molding with mitered corners
Pilot drill bit
Safety glasses
Palm sander
220-grit sandpaper
(2) metal vent screenings
Permanent marker
Tin snips
Wood glue
Nail gun
1½" brad nails
Plastic wood putty
Wood stain (walnut)
Latex gloves


1. Use scrap cardboard to create a decorative stencil, and cut it out

2. Place the stencil on top of one 35 3/8" × 14 5/8" piece of pine wood, and make sure it’s straight. Use painter’s tape to keep it in place, and trace the design with a pencil

3. Once the design has been traced, use the power drill and pilot drill bit to create holes in the corners and points of the stenciled image for the jigsaw blade to slide into

4. Using the holes created in step 3 as entry points, insert the jigsaw blade and carefully cut out the pattern

5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 to create a second decorative wood piece

6. Once the pattern is cut, sand the wood pieces until smooth

7. Align a sheet of metal vent screening with one of the decorative wood pieces so the screen shows through the open areas. Mark where to cut the metal with a permanent marker, and cut out the pattern using tin snips

8. Use a staple gun to secure the vent screen to the decorative wood piece

9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the second decorative wood piece

10. Apply a generous amount of wood glue to one 77½" × 14 5/8" piece of pine board. Attach it to the side of your bookcase and secure in place with the nail gun and 1½" brad nails. Repeat for the other side

11. Attach the decorative elements to the upper front of the bookcase using wood glue. Make sure you don’t get glue on the vent sheets – apply it only to the back of the wood where the decorative vents have been secured with the staple gun

12. Secure the wood pieces with the nail gun and 1½" brad nails

13. Use wood glue to attach the 38½" piece of crown molding with mitered corners to the front of the bookcase along the top edge of the decorative wood pieces. Secure in place with the nail gun and 1½" brad nails

14. Refer to step 13 to secure the two 14 5/8" pieces of crown molding with mitered corners to the sides of the bookcase. The mitered corners should meet the crown molding on the front

15. Apply wood stain to the bookcase with a paintbrush and remove excess stain with a dry rag. Be sure to apply stain liberally to all corners and details with your paintbrush for a complete finish

16. Allow to dry for 4 hours

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