Bookshelf Organization System

Bookshelf Organization System

Take your bookshelf to a truly ordered new level with our tips and ideas.

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Use an easy system of printable stickers and rulers to organize your bookshelves into functional categories.

Clean wooden paint sticks
Rubber stamps in alphabet letters
Black inkpad
Wood stain (in desired color)
Old rag
Removable dot stickers


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  1. Remove books from their shelving and organize them according to genre such as: Fiction, Biography, Self-Help, History, etc.
  2. Once the books have been put into genres, place them back onto the shelves. Determine how many stickers and paint sticks you’ll need – one stick for each genre, one sticker for each book.
  3. Using the old cloth and wood stain, stain each of the paint sticks and allow time for the stain to dry.
  4. Once the stain has dried, press rubber stamps into the ink and write out the book categories onto each side of the stained sticks. Be sure to keep your words towards one end of the stick, so that you can see it when books are on the shelf.
  5. With the main categories organized and sectioned off, insert the corresponding category stick where they belong in the newly organized shelf.
  6. Print the desired subcategories onto the dot stickers using the computer and printer according to the directions included in the packaging.
  7. Place the corresponding subcategory dot stickers onto each book inside of each main category.

Tip : Limit the number of subcategories you create, to help maintain the organization. Depending on the subject of the main category, about 3-5 subcategories are probably best.

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