Bubble Chandelier

Bubble Chandelier

Make a chandelier out of glass orbs to create a bubble effect with Kenneth Wingard’s instructions.

5 col

Difficulty: Intermediate

(12) 4” Hanging glass orbs
(2) ½” Split rings
Spool of fishing line thread
Pendant light kit
Clear LED light bulb


1. Assemble the pendant light kit following the instructions with the kit to guide you. Screw in the clear LED light bulb. Hang the pendant light from a hook or any place where it is easy for you to reach it (See image below)

2. Attach a ½” split ring onto the light cord just above the fixture, the same way as you would add a key to a key chain ring. One split ring can hold six orbs safely (See image below)

3. Cut an 18” – 24” length of fishing line thread and tie one end of it around the top of a glass orb. Tie the knot 3 to 4 times to make sure it’s secure. Trim off excess thread with scissors (See images below)


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Tip: Keep the thread long so you can adjust the orb heights in later steps

4. Pass the free end of the thread through the split ring on the light cord. Pull the thread until the glass orb hangs just below the light bulb. Secure the thread to the split ring by tying 3-4 knots in it. Trim off excess thread with scissors

5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to add five more glass orbs to the split ring. Vary the length of the thread so the orbs hang at different heights in a cluster around the bulb

6. Once six orbs are attached, add a second split ring onto the cord and add an additional six orbs, filling in any gaps in the cluster (See images below)

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