Build a Floating Cabinet

Build a Floating Cabinet

Use Designer Nicole Gibbons’ step-by-step instructions to make a modern floating cabinet.

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Basic store-bought (or recycled) kitchen cabinet and accompanying mounting rail
Reclaimed lumber 2 inches thick — sized to the dimensions of the top of your cabinet
Drywall anchors (or plaster anchors if you have those walls)
Drill with 1/16 drill bit
Phillips bit or Phillips screwdriver
Safety goggles
(4) 1 5/8-inch screws — to hold lumber to cabinet
Tape measure
2 Bar clamps
Stud finder



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  1. Assemble the basic store-bought kitchen cabinet following the manufacturer’s instructions
  2. Decide where you want the center of the cabinet to be. Measure 31 inches from the floor and mark the wall with a pencil
  3. Line the mounting rail up with the 31-inch mark and use a level to make sure it’s horizontal. Use a stud finder to locate at least two studs in the wall. Drill holes into the studs using the screw holes of the mounting rail as a guide. Insert drywall anchors where there are no studs to add additional screws for support
  4. Secure the mounting rail to the wall using a drill with a Phillips drill bit and screws
  5. Use the hardware and instructions that came with the cabinet to secure it to the mounting rail
  6. Place the reclaimed lumber on top of the cabinet and align it with the cabinet’s edges. Hold it in place using two bar clamps
  7. Put on safety goggles for this step since you will be drilling from inside the cabinet. Starting from the inside of the cabinet, drill pilot holes with a 1/16-inch drill bit through the top of the cabinet and into the reclaimed lumber. Make four drill holes, one in each corner of the cabinet’s top and the reclaimed lumber. Make sure you don’t drill too far and through the top of the lumber. Secure the lumber to the top of the cabinet with 1-5/8-inch screws in each hole, and then remove the bar clamps

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