Built-In Nook Seating

Built-In Nook Seating

Transform existing wall cabinets into a cozy sitting area with our experts’ instructions.

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Create more seating in a room by transforming built-in cabinets into a cozy nook area, complete with a seat cushion and throw pillows.

3⁄4-inch birch plywood
Semi-gloss paint (color of your choice)
Impact driver w/ Phillips head screw bit (or screwdriver)
Small sledgehammer
Reciprocating saw
Tape measure
Speed square
Skill saw
Safety glasses
18-gauge brad nail gun
11⁄2” brad nails
Wood glue
100-grit sandpaper


  1. Remove the original cabinet doors and hardware with an impact driver (or screwdriver).
  2. With safety glasses on, use the reciprocating saw to cut out the front of each cabinet around the perimeter of the cabinets.
  3. Use the small sledgehammer to knock out and remove the remaining cabinet pieces. Sweep up the debris and remove.
  4. Sand the remaining shelves and cabinet with 100-grit sandpaper to prep for painting.

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  1. Measure the new opening for the nook seating and transfer the length to a sheet of 3⁄4-inch plywood. Measure the desired height of the bench and transfer that measurement to the same plywood sheet. Cut 2 pieces of plywood to these measurements with a skill saw to create the front and back panels of the bench.
  2. Measure the depth of the nook seating by measuring from the back of the original cabinet out to the front. Transfer that measurement to a new section of plywood. Use the same height measurement from Step 1 and cut 2 pieces of plywood to these dimensions to create both sides of the bench.
  3. Assemble the sides, front and back of the cut pieces together using wood glue on the joining edges. Line the edges up with one another so they are flush (or smooth). Secure with 11⁄2” brad nails along the edges every 4 inches to create the bench frame.
  4. Measure the top of the bench frame from front-to-back and side-to-side. Transfer these measurements to a new section of plywood and cut 1 panel to these measurements for the top of the seat.


  1. Fit the new bench into the nook and attach it to the wall, driving 2-inch screws through the back of the frame into the wall, every 4 inches around the perimeter. Attach the seat top to the bench frame, applying wood glue, lining up the edges, and securing with 11⁄2” brad nails along the edges every 4 inches.
  2. Prime and paint the bench, along with the rest of the existing built-in. Let dry and decorate with a seat cushion and throw pillows.


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