Cabinet Door Measuring Station

Cabinet Door Measuring Station

Make cute and simple station for measuring cups and spoons on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

Kitchen cabinet door
Matte black spray paint
Measuring cups
Measuring spoons
Ruler or measuring tape
1"-wide painter’s tape
(2) ¼" × 1" × 12" pre-painted black wood planks
Wood glue
¾" cup hooks
¾" wood screws
¾" drill bit
White paint marker
Phillips screwdriver


1. Adhere painter’s tape around the cabinet door perimeter

2. Spray matte black spray paint on the cabinet door and let dry for 2 hours

3. Using a ruler or measuring tape and a pencil, mark 12" and 19" from the top edge of the cabinet. This is where the measuring stations will be placed

4. Lay the two ¼" × 1" × 12" pre-painted black wood planks at the 12" and 19" marks on the cabinet door. Plan where you want each measuring cup and spoon to be placed on the planks, and mark locations with the pencil


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5. Once you have drawn the pencil marks, set aside the measuring cups and spoons. Drill holes at the marks with the ¾" drill bit

6. Attach the ¾" cup hooks in each hole. Insert the threaded backing, and then screw on the hook. Tighten with a Phillips screwdriver

7. Apply wood glue to the back of each black wood plank

8. Return the black planks to their designated spots on the cabinet door

9. Screw in the ¾" wood screws on each end of both 12" wood planks, as shown

10. Write “Measuring Station” at the top of the cabinet door with the white paint marker. Then add a measuring cup converter cheat sheet, and label each hook

11. Remove the painter’s tape to reveal a beautiful border

12. Finally, hang your measuring cups and spoons

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