Cabinet Makeover

Cabinet Makeover

Give your kitchen cabinets a facelift with chalk-based paint and updated hardware.

5 col


Paint in color of choice (for wall)
Dawn dish soap
Paint rollers (large)
Paint rollers (small)
One-step paint (matte gray chalk-based paint)
Brushed nickel knobs
Brushed nickel pulls
Brushed nickel hinges
Tape measure


1. Apply a fresh coat of paint to the kitchen walls surrounding the cabinets. (Be sure to clean the wall surface, and any other surface being repainted, with a towel and Dawn dish soap before painting. Get the full tutorial here.)

2. Remove cabinet doors and drawers with a drill. Place all the removed screws inside the cabinet for safekeeping in case they are needed later.

3. Use painter’s tape and permanent markers to label cabinet doors and drawers for proper reassembly. (Example: Label upper cabinets with the letter “A” and lower cabinets with the letter “B.”)

4. Use a paint roller to paint the cabinet doors and faces of the drawers, starting with the trim. (Our paint is one-step paint, so we did not need to use a primer.) Paint inside any cracks and nooks with a paintbrush to ensure a completely painted surface

5. Let the first coat of paint dry completely, and then apply a second coat of paint. Do not rush the paint process. Apply two coats in nice clean strokes

6. Once all cabinets and drawers have been painted, install the new hardware. We are using brushed nickel knobs and pulls

7. Put drawers back in place

8. Secure the brushed nickel hinges onto the cabinet doors before reinstalling them onto the cabinets using a drill and nails

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