Camera Collage Art

Camera Collage Art

Learn how to create one-of-a-kind artwork using vintage camera and picture frames.

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Difficulty: Easy

Pre-cut plywood pre-attached to desired frame
(9) Frames (various sizes – no smaller than 3” x 5”)
(9) Vintage cameras
Glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Brackets (large and medium)
Screws (1/2” wood screws)


1. Lay out the 9 small frames in a desired pattern inside of the larger frame

2. Lay out the cameras inside the small frames. Place and design in whichever way you desire

Designer Tip: To find your desired layouts for cameras and frames, take a photo so you can review your favorite layout options.

3. Using the glue gun, apply hot glue around the back perimeter of the frames and put them back in place


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4. Next, arrange the brackets inside of the small frames. Pair the bigger brackets with the bigger cameras, and smaller brackets with the smaller cameras. Set the cameras aside, keeping them in the same order as on the frame

5. Mount the brackets to the frame with the drill

6. Glue the cameras to the brackets with hot glue on the back of the camera

7. Place the cameras on their assigned brackets until all cameras are attached. Allow to dry for 10 minutes

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