Canvas Light

Canvas Light

Illuminate any space with a personalized backlit accessory that features striking word art.

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Difficulty : Easy

(2) 11" x 14" canvases with thick frames
4" stencil letters
Spray adhesive
Black spray paint
Light bulb
Light kit
1½" screws


1. Choose a word, such as family, to display on the canvas light. Determine the placement of each letter stencil on the canvas. Use a ruler to make sure the word is centered, and use a pencil to mark where the letters will go. Make sure to factor in an equal amount of space between each letter

2. Apply spray adhesive to the back of the letter stencils and carefully reapply to the canvas

3. Flip over the second canvas, and use a chisel and hammer to chisel a small section in the very center of the lower edge of the frame. This notch will house the light kit cord

4. Spray paint both the front and back of both canvases black

5. Allow to dry completely

6. Once the canvas is completely dry, carefully remove the letters to reveal your chosen word

7. Add a bulb to the light kit, and place it in the frame with the cord feeding through the chiseled groove

8. Put the two canvas pieces together and secure with a drill and 1½" screws in each corner and in the very center of each side

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