Ceiling Canopy

Ceiling Canopy

Give your bed and bedroom a luxurious look using simple curtain rods and curtains to create a canopy.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

(3) Wall mounted curtain rods with (9) rod holders
(6) Curtains
(42) Curtain rings
(18) 50lbs drywall anchors
(18) 1½” Sheet rock screws
Drill gun
Painters tape


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  1. Lay the curtain rods on the floor to determine where they will go on the ceiling. Mark it with painters tape in case rods move. Also, spread the curtain rod holders evenly along the curtain rods
  2. Using a screw and a piece of string, determine where the curtain rod holders will go on the ceiling. Simply tie the string to the screw, place the string on the ceiling and align it with the curtain rod on the floor. mark with a pencil
  3. Place the curtain rod holders on the ceiling and mark the screw holes with a pencil
  4. Drill the anchors on the marks with a drill gun
  5. Place the holders and drill the screws to secure them
  6. Feed the (3) curtain rods with 7 curtain rings per section (part between each holder) through the holders
  7. Attach curtains to curtain rings

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