Ceramic Wind Chimes

Ceramic Wind Chimes

Kenneth Wingard shows you how to create unique pendants using air-dry ceramic.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Sisal rope
Cardboard cones
Air-dry ceramic
Rolling pin
Plastic stemware
Desired color with primer


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    1. Remove ceramic from package and cut off a small piece
    2. Flatten it using rolling pin
    3. Apply flattened ceramic to inside of plastic stemware and outside of cardboard cone
    4. Using your hands, make little balls of ceramic
    5. Use a pencil to drive a hole through the middle of every piece (this is necessary to feed the sisal rope later)
    6. Let air-dry for 24 hours (follow manufacturer’s instructions)
    7. Using sandpaper, sand any rough edges from the dried pieces
    8. Paint all the pieces desired color. Let dry for 2 hours (follow manufacturer’s instructions)
    9. Tip: Take your normal house paint and mix it with water (equal parts) for a washed effect.
    10. Cut sisal rope desired length
    11. Feed rope through holes in ceramic pieces. Tie a knot before every piece to hold it in place

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