Chairs Turned Into End Tables

Chairs Turned Into End Tables

Use carpenter Amy Devers’ simple instructions to turn old chairs into decorative end tables.

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This project repurposes a wooden chair by removing the backrest and turning it into an end table.

Repurposed wooden chair – one with a rim under the seat is best.
Repurposed wooden desk or a piece of plywood at least 18” x 18”
(4) 1” by 2” scrap lumber cut to 4-inch length
Work table
Electric orbital sander
100-Grit sandpaper for use with Orbital sander
150-Grit sandpaper for use with Orbital sander
Safety goggles
(8) 2 1/2-inch nails
2 Bar clamps
Painters tape
Wood glue
Dry rag
Danish oil finish – natural color*

*Tip: Danish oil has flammable properties. Be sure to read and follow ALL warnings and directions on the can’s label before using.


  1. Use a handsaw to cleanly cut off the back of the chair where it meets the seat. Apply a long strip of painter’s tape around the seat edges where the legs join the seat to make evenly curved corners. See image below:

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The Tabletop:
  1. In order to create a flat surface for the end table, you’ll need a piece of 18” by 18” plywood OR in our case we used a repurposed wooden desk that we removed the legs from
  2. Place the chair on top of the wooden desktop/plywood seat-side down and trace around the seat edge with a pencil leaving a 1/4-inch gap. Use a finger as a guide in between the pencil and the seat for a consistent line
  3. Using two clamps, anchor the tabletop to the worktable
  4. Put on safety goggles then use a jigsaw to cut around the traced shape and create your new tabletop
Tip: When using the jigsaw, cut off excess wood as you go to make the wood cutting easier to maneuver.

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