Chalkboard Globe

Chalkboard Globe

Use designer Jennifer Farrell’s instructions to craft a customizable chalkboard globe.

5 col

Old globe
Black chalkboard paint
Spray primer
Foam paintbrushes
Painter’s tape
220-Grit sandpaper


  1. Using the painter’s tape, mask off the base and arm of the globe.
  2. Apply an even coat of the spray primer to the globe and allow the primer time to dry completely.

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Tip: For a quick and easy way to get an even coat of primer, give the globe a gentle spin as you spray on the primer. This will guarantee that each part of the globe gets equal coverage.

  1. Once the primer has had time to completely dry, use the paintbrush to paint the entire globe with chalkboard paint. Allow time for the chalkboard paint to dry completely.
  2. Once dried, follow with a second and third coat of the chalkboard paint and let each coat dry completely before proceeding to the next.
  3. Allow the paint to cure for 3 days before using it as chalk messaging board.

Tip: It is recommended that you use a clean, damp paper towel to erase the messaging board, as opposed to a chalkboard eraser, which may leave behind residual chalk.

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